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Terms of use

By registering on SELECT PLACE you agree to everything in the rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt members of the site from liability. The rules are binding on all those present on the trading platform.

Transactions and Finance

Все платежи на сайте происходят с помощью платежных систем AnyPay, Paypalych. После покупки товара в надлежащем качестве, деньги, потраченные на его приобретение, возврату не подлежат. В случае если товар в ненадлежащем качестве, заказчик имеет право отказаться от услуги, обратившись в тикет на сайте или в техническую поддержку в группе ВКонтакте, и получить полную компенсацию ее стоимости либо аналогичную услугу. Срок рассмотрения претензий и возврата средств — 15 рабочих дней. лВывод средств происходит в ручном режиме и может занимать до 48 часов. В выплате может быть отказано по причинам: на вас открыт тикет; к вашим товарам возник вопрос; деньги были получены нечестным путем. В случае попытки отмывания денежных средств или подозрительных транзакций - ваш аккаунт будет заблокирован. В случае если наша служба безопасности подтвердит неправомерность платежа - на вас будет написано заявление в суд.

General Rules

Only goods that are the property of the seller may be offered for sale. By putting an item up for sale, you agree that it belongs to you and has been obtained legally. You are solely responsible for the sale of the goods. Responsibility for possible violation of the user agreement with the publisher lies with the seller. The SELECT PLACE trading platform does not allow the publication of illegal content on the pages of the resource.

1. A transaction fee is included for deposits and withdrawals, which is not refundable in all situations.
2. Your account is your property and the administrator cannot be held responsible for its loss, hacking etc.
3. When an account is blocked on the website, the balance is reset.
4. If your account is blocked, no refunds will be given for purchases etc.
5. The name of the product should briefly describe the product. Example: LEGIT CFG AVIRA.
6. It is forbidden to create similar adverts with the same product/title.
7. It is forbidden to create goods in sections to which they do not belong.
8. It is forbidden to sell goods that are placed in the public domain.
9. It is forbidden to sell someone else's goods on your own behalf at someone else's request.
10. It is forbidden to cheat: to scam people, to scam them for money or anything else of tangible value.
11. It is forbidden to put non-thematic product icons, the product icon must be in line with the theme of the product.
12. It is forbidden to use any paid file-sharing services (oxycloud, etc.).
13. It is forbidden to post an avatar that has no moral value to society (nudity, pornography, etc.)
14. It is forbidden to republish an item for the purpose of raising it to the top.
15. It is forbidden to sell accounts of private cheats that do not have their HWID reset.
16. The distribution of malware in merchandise is prohibited.
17. It is forbidden to display goods that violate the laws of the country.
18. It is forbidden to register under nicknames consisting of a set of meaningless letters/numerals/symbols (123456, asfohasdof, 1124uhl12jsda) or that contain profanity or abusive phrases.
19. You may not give/sell your account to others.
20. It is forbidden to have more than 1 account on the site.
21. Advertising of any kind is prohibited.
22. It is forbidden to exploit technical vulnerabilities in the site, and the administration must be informed if a flaw is noticed.
23. The administration has the right to ban your account without explanation. The appeal takes place unilaterally in the VKontakte group.

Account statuses

Blocked - status is given to a user who has broken one of the rules, as a gift from the administration. Granted permanently
Beginning Seller - status is given to the user immediately after registration, allows you to place 3 items for sale. It is issued for the period of time the user is developing on the site.
Verified Seller - status is given to the user after their item has been purchased more than 5 times or after their paid status expires. Allows up to 5 items to be offered for sale.
VIP - status cost - 375 rubles/month. Allows raising 3 products per day and displaying up to 10 adverts inclusive.
GOLD - status cost - 750 rubles/month. Allows you to raise 5 products per day and display up to 20 adverts inclusive.
LUXURY - status cost - 1250 rubles/month. Allows you to raise 10 products per day and display an unlimited number of adverts.
Administrator - status that is given to the project team.